the consortium / the companies

ANM (bus) covered area: Naples, city center and suburbs call center: 800 639 525

METRONAPOLI (rail) covered area: Naples Underground (Lines 1 and 6) and 4 funiculars (now in  ANM company) call center: 800 56 88 66

CTP (bus) covered area: Naples and Caserta, city centers and provinces call center: 800 482 644

EAV (ex Circumvesuviana,METROCAMPANIA NORD-EST, SEPSA) bus and rail service in: Naples and province,  provinces: Caserta, Benevento, Avellino  call center: 800 211 388

AIR (bus) covered area: Naples, Avellino (city center, suburbs and its province) call center: 0825 204250

CTI/ATI (bus) covered area: Avellino city center and suburbs

AMTS (bus) covered area: Benevento city center and suburbs call center: 800 999 295

EAVBUS (bus) covered area: Naples, Avellino and Caserta (city centers, suburbs and their provinces)

CSTP (bus) covered area: Salerno, city center, suburbs and its province call center: 800 01 6659

SITASUD (bus) covered area: Naples, Avellino and Salerno – city centers and their provinces call center: 089 3866711

TRENITALIA (railway) covered area: Naples Underground (Line 2) and Regional railway network